How being an egotist can drain your own energy

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Egotists, as we all know, are absorbed in themselves. Absorbed to an extent where there is no room for other. “I” rules their mind and everything is about me and myself. Giving oneself importance is very necessary, but forcing that importance on others not only makes you unbearable but also drains your own energy. If “I” dominates your life, look how these activities can drain your energy.

1. Constant attention seeker

We all want attention. Nobody wants to feel unwanted, but craving constant attention is not good. The conversation has just begun and you started boasting. You can boast of anything pet, academics, dresses, relationship or whatever you think can give you attention. You always want to be in the limelight. If you got some attention, you are happy else you end up thinking “why not me?”, “where is the problem?” etc. Being consumed in these thoughts isn’t draining your energy? These thoughts are monster as they keep you engrossed all the time in a world where these attentions are temporary.

2. Controlling others

As your life revolves around yourself, it becomes difficult for you to be in someone else’s control. You consider yourself supreme and this fixed ideology governs your thoughts. It feel restless if you are unable to control others. You continuously make efforts on ways to dominate. Every day you want to prove you are intelligent enough to rule others.

3. Jealousy within

As you see others progressing, the feeling of jealousy creeps in. It makes you develop an unhealthy competitive nature. You want to be the best, want to lead, want to look the best, and want to excel in all fields of your life. There will be ample reasons for you to be jealous. Jealously is a slow poison which feeds on you till the moment it makes you deserted. Being jealous you will try all means to tarnish your competitor’s image.

4. Play the blame game

The notion of supremacy controls your thoughts. Every time you are on the verge of losing an argument, you start blaming the other. The process of blaming is always accompanied by a quarrel in turn as people hardly accept being wrong. Egotist attitude in you can’t let things go and the vicious cycle continues. The side effects are betrayal, frustration, heartbreak, anger, grief etc. all having negative consequences on you. The blame game will eventually solve no problem; in turn will put you in more such situations where your heart will feel heavy. Throwing excuses, allegations become inevitable in the heat of the moment. The battle is no doubt nerve-racking.

If you have observed changes in yourself which shows ego is dominating your life. Please keep a check or else you might drain your energy into something which is not real life.

You don’t need to boast to be noticed if you are good enough you would be spotted. Seeking attention, dominating others, developing jealously within and playing the blame game will make you perturbed about yourself. You are on earth to spread love and happiness, direct your energy in that. Life is much beautiful with acceptance of different people around you.

You have immense energy in you. Why not invest in something productive which can make you admired? Why live a life full of resentment when the choice is in your hand?

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  1. Wow!! You have just described my boss!!! I would also argue that egotists can be passive aggressive, manipulative and liars. It’s all about controlling others while trying to be the most popular person in the room!! I’ve always thought that it must be exhausting!!

    • Haha..All Bosses are the same!! Yeah, I second that egotists can be passive aggressive, manipulative and liars.
      To be popular and manipulative it seriously drains you out. Some people make this a habit and they enjoy being that,can’t be helped.
      Thanks a lot Jeni for your lovely comment.

  2. I haven’t read this type of blog post before and love that you outline the points directly. Everyone likes attention but there’s a point where the person is actually the issue, not others around them. It’s so annoying being around people who are so controlling! Sometimes, we grow from owning up to our mistakes. Thanks for sharing these points.

    Nancy ♥

    • Aww thanks a lot for your lovely comment Nancy! It means a lot to me. I agree it’s suffocating being around such people. Yes, we all need to accept and learn from our mistakes. So pleased to know the post was interesting for you.:)

  3. This is a amazing post . I can’t admit I had these habits. At one point it was terrible . I still struggle sometimes. I sometimes can get a little jealous when I don’t get a lot of attention . I guess because growing up I never really got any . But I am getting. Better at it and I am learning that I can be the best at everything but I can be better than what I was yesterday . Glad to read this. This gave me a reminder of what aspects I struggle with and what I need to work on . Thank you .

    • You are so honest Arteria! Accepting what you need to control and understanding why it happened is the mastery. You are half done and I am sure things will be perfect at your end. We all have some or the other habits as such, but doesn’t matter If we know how to control it. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. Glad, you found it helpful.:)

  4. You have some very good points here Aditi! I find that the root of these egoists is insecurity and that they choose the wrong method to appease themselves. After having worked in the fashion industry, I can attest there are massive egos to tame in the world! My challenge to myself is to try be more humble as there is great strength in humility!

    A well-written, spot on article! Looking forward to your next one.

    • Aww, you are a sweetheart Trace! I agree with you Insecurity is the root. You are fulfilling that challenge, being so grounded and full of love.
      Thanks for this lovely comment. Glad, you liked it.Lots of love.:)

  5. Great post! It’s true, people need to focus on the good and wonderful things in life, rather than trying to constantly look good. You are a great writer, and I enjoy your posts. You are very talented. Xxxx

    • Yes, at least they won’t be struggling in their mind. Thank you so much Ruth for these words of encouragement. It means a lot.
      Glad you enjoyed the post. Lots of love:)

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