8 things to do when comparison steals your joy

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Striking bright colors in the sky making its way to the earth full of warmth and with a lovely message of hope, faith, and life is how our day starts. With a beautiful sunrise, the chirping of birds, fresh air, clear sky and most importantly a new day of our life. Each day is full of possibilities and happiness. When you are solely responsible for your activities, why is your day lacking in joy?  What is making you anxious, jealous and sad?

The answer lies within you. It’s a Comparison. Every day you are comparing yourself with another person. Each day is accompanied by a thought of regret. When restlessness is because of a neighbor having a big house, a good life partner, a perfect figure, a high paying job etc, and the feelings of jealousy is making you shake with rage. You are discontented with your life, tired and drained of energy and you know comparison is your enemy.  Here is what you can do.

1. Calm yourself down

The first and foremost thing you can do is to calm yourself down. Relax, relax and relax. Things are fine. You are just over thinking. Drink a sip of water, walk a little and take a deep breath.

2. Look into your life

Sit and recollect pasts of your life. What you were and how far have you come. Count your achievements. Achievements are not trophies and medals. It’s your own growth. Your growth as a person.

3. Be grateful

Now thank almighty for being with you in your ups and downs. Be grateful to all around you who have helped you in some way or the other. In spite of cursing your life, have faith in yourself and move ahead.

4. Realize

Is your sibling’s life the same as yours, though you have the same parents?  Are all the fruits sweet you bought yesterday? No, No, No! Then why is it so hard for you to understand things can be different in each of our lives. Realize this fact and be happy.

5. Respect

Now after you have realized the differences in each of our lives. It’s time to respect what you have, rather than comparing and sowing guilt.

6. Cherish

Cherish what you have. We often realize the value of something/ someone only after losing it. Before it’s too late, treasure them. See things will change wonderfully.  There is always a probability of other’s being jealous of your life and see you were spoiling your days comparing yourself, your life, family, status, job, blah blah.  Everything around you is special, treasure and cherish it.

7. Enjoy every moment

No matter how hard the day was, enjoy every moment. Live to the fullest. Each day the sun rises to give us hope and a chance to make our life better. Don’t be hard on yourself.

8. Love your life

Learn to love your life, accept things, think on improvising your situation, making days better but don’t Compare. Never do that. No two humans on this earth are the same.  Even twins differ in activities if activities are the same may be their expressions are different. There will be some difference for sure. Surely, even identical twins have different fingerprints. When nothing in this world is cent percent the same, how can we compare? And why the hell we should compare? Each of us loves our mental peace, don’t compromise with it. Stop comparing and start loving your life.

It is rightly said, “Comparison steals joy.”  But never forget comparison is an activity and we know very well only we are responsible for our activities. It is you who is devoiding yourself of joy and not the other person’s salary, job, home, perfect body figure etc… Enjoy today, celebrate moments. Focus on what you have and what you can do, don’t worry about things you can’t change. Life is beautiful to live every moment free of guilt and sorrow.

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