9 reasons why suicide is never a way to fix your problems

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With an increasing number of deaths through suicide, it becomes necessary for us to talk about it seriously.

We all know suicide is bringing an end to one’s own life. There can be several reasons to commit suicide. Whatever it may be, being an aware individual, a friend, a partner or any relation we have, it is our foremost duty to protect an individual and restrain him/her from committing suicide. Suicide might seem like an answer to your worries and griefs. But trust me, it is never a solution.

Consider these 9 reasons why suicide is never a way to fix your problems.

1. People love you

Teenagers and even adults failing in a relationship think they are no longer loved. This feeling of being unloved is deeply engraved in their heart due to which they decide to end their life.

Before concluding anything keep in mind people love you. They might be busy or engrossed in something. I know their attention was important. You are hurt by their behavior. Don’t jump into conclusion of ending your life. Please, think twice before you take any step. Talking might help you to understand them but simply taking a big step towards your end is unfair.

2. Think of parents

I know you love your parents more than anyone else in this world. Life is tough, I agree! But suicide is no solution. Parents love their children the most, it becomes our responsibility to think of them first. You might think they would be better without you. But this is not the reality. Your decision will leave them devastated. No one will ever take your place. That emptiness will kill them.

3. You are important

We all have our own importance. A single incident can’t make you worthless. Each person is unique with distinctive qualities. No one can replace the other. You are really important. Don’t take a hasty decision.

4. Life will change

Nobody knows the future. No one can even claim to. The moment can be gloomy. Life can be full of miseries, sorrows and all the negatives. But before coming to any conclusion. Think! Change is the law of nature. Things will be good again. Bear it for a moment. Keep faith in almighty. I can surely say,  “Life will change.” It will be good, no matter how ugly the present situation is.

5. Complete your own story

Time can be traumatising but don’t give other’s the power to complete your story. Write your own story. Next page is blank and you have the pen. Go write it. Always remember you are the hero of your life and one day you will laugh at all your stupid thoughts. I know things will better and you have the capability to complete your own story.

6. You are not alone

Whenever we are sad, we think “Why Me?.” We are so frustrated that we don’t look on the other side of the world. Many people are going through the same. You are not victimised alone. Be the survivor. There are many with the same situation, change your attitude. Look for the brighter side of life. You are lucky, just count your blessings.

7. You are the reason for a smile

Each one of us is unique. You are definitely the reason for someone’s smile. Think of that smile on his/her face. It was beautiful. In today’s world, if you are the reason for someone’s smile you are truly an angel. We all know a smile is contagious. Help the world, make everyone smile. Trust me you are a gem.

8. Don’t go by others judgement

Don’t give other’s the validation power. Be your self-evaluator.  Don’t ever go by what others think of you. Your real identity, your real self is what you know. What you think of yourself is very important rather than what other’s think. Love your self. No matter what, you are special.

9. Life is beautiful

There are transitions in our life. We only need to be patient. Bad time will pass, good is coming, and the best is yet to come. Life has a multitude of shades. There are greys in life. Don’t arrive at any conclusion. Life is beautiful. You have the ticket. Enjoy the ride.

Suicide might seem an easy and a quick option but it is not true. Time is a bit unfair. You are suffering hard today but tomorrow will be a bright day. Have faith. Live your life. Nothing in this world lasts forever. Remember this and positively move ahead in your life.

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  1. Loved this post. All great points and my favorite being you are important. I just think it is such a straight up amazing point. Everyone truly is important & whether they know it or not they are the positivity in someone else’s life. I just wish more people knew how important and loved they actually are.

  2. This is such a beautiful post Aditi. Thank you so much for sharing and I really hope it helps people going through a hard time. It is so true that life changes all the time and even if everything seems awful at the moment, there will be better days ahead. Perfectly written <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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