World Environment Day – How are you contributing?

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World Environment Day- Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day as we all know occurs on 5th of June every year. It’s underlying objective is to spread awareness on emerging environmental issues. United Nations leaves no stone unturned to protect the environment. For that, it picks a major environmental issue, deciding the theme and working on it. A global call to “Beat Plastic Pollution,” is the theme this year. The programme is to be hosted by India.

An environment is what surrounds us and to keep our surrounding clean, hygienic and worth living should be our agenda for a healthy life. We try our level best to keep it healthy, but we rarely remember the do’s and don’ts promised on this day. Being aware human environment protection should be our motto because after all, we live in it.

While thinking of this theme, I wrote a poem. It has three characters, the earth, the sky and the humans. Having earth and sky as best friends, speaking to one another. It portrays the pain of mother earth and her belief that humans, would one day clean her scars, fill the pits restoring her beauty. The sky seems convinced and is waiting for that day to come when it could shower all love in the form of rain as wished by its beloved friend earth.

Beat Plastic Pollution

See how it goes,

My Dear Earth, how have you been?
I am sorry for the promise I made
I can’t protect thou from sun’s rage
the ozone layer in me has got a hole
I don’t know how to control
with each passing day
harmful rays penetrate thy way.

You wanted balance in the land of humans
the most intelligent of what you thought
they are destroying the ecology
and to speak up, I need not make an apology
Why are you quiet? Oh! Dear friend
Let me know what you comprehend.

Dear Sky, my beloved friend
my pollution has harmed you, and I am sorry for that
they call me their mother
and I love them like no other
I understand thy plight
thy concern for me.

My humans are intelligent
they are only little negligent
from the time of ozone depletion
they worked hard to improve the condition
now, when that hole in the ozone layer is shrinking in size
plastic pollution is what arise.

This environment day, they have a theme ‘Beat plastic pollution,’
for which they are enthusiastic
each child of mine will contribute
to the problem they constitute.

They learn with every punishment I give
promising their mother a better behave
they will soon clean my scars
the pits they will fill
they are setting goals for the landfill.

A day will soon come
you will love thy friend’s beauty
clouds will dance
rainbows will appear
and you will shower your love again
with a beautiful rain.

Hope this poem conveys the message I wish to. We all can promise our contribution to the green and beautiful earth, fresh air and spotless sky. Let each one of us contribute in our way for the future so bright.
I am adopting plastic less lifestyle, what about you?

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    • Aww..Thankyou so much Bexa! Just started with blogging. I am overjoyed to know you liked my poetry.Looking forward for your guidance and support all through my journey. Thanks a lot. Lots of love.

  1. I’m trying to use less plastic too! I’m using Tupperware bottles instead of plastic bottles, I’m using little boxes for fruit and sandwiches instead of plastic foil and I’m trying to find some reusable straws! Lovely blog post and I love your poem, Aditi!😊

    Shirley |

  2. Beautiful poem. Our family is working to get rid of most/all of the plastic in our house. It takes time for sure, but every little bit helps.

    • Thank you so much Sarah!
      Yeah definitely it takes time to adopt a new lifestyle.
      Glad, you liked it!
      Sending you my best wishes:)

  3. Aditi, this is such a beautiful representation of human pollution. I loved reading this and gave me an insight just how badly we treat our mother earth. Pollution control is something I’m very passionate about too! Great poem!

    • Aww..Thanks a lot Kayla!
      It’s great to know you are so passionate about pollution control.
      You advocate harmony, I can surely make it through your posts, the latest I read on cruelty free products.
      Glad,you enjoyed the post!
      Sending you my best wishes:)

  4. I love your very personal and poetic response to the challenges facing the earth. I’ve just bought a water filter as a commitment to cutting down on plastics. We can all contribute, however small our contribution may seem 😊

    • Yeah, certainly we all can make our contribution. Glad, you enjoyed reading!
      Thank you so much. Sending you my best wishes:)

  5. Such a lovely poem! I love the creative touch on bringing awareness to this issue. I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious lately because I feel like the world is becoming increasingly wasteful and harsh to this planet. It’s sad, but every little change we make can make a difference!

    • Yeah,I agree every little change we make can make a difference.Glad, you enjoyed reading!
      Sending you my best wishes πŸ™‚

  6. This post is very dear to me. Reducing plastic consumption is so important to our family. I love your poem! It is heart breaking when I hear about how our oceans are clogged up with plastic and how the ocean’s inhabitants are paying the price of our disposable lifestyle. I hope more people can reduce reuse and recycle! Thanks for posting on this important subject!

    Trace x

    • Thank you so much for reading. Glad, you loved it.
      Yes, that’s all we can do hoping for a brighter future.
      Sending you my best wishes πŸ™‚

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