Mother’s Day- Let’s Celebrate Differently

Who is a Mother

Mother, as biology defines is a female parent of a child. Called by different names Maa, Aai, Amma, Ammee, Mataji, Mom. A mother carries her child for nine months in her womb. Nourishes the baby with her unconditional love and support. Mother’s caress has the power to heal a child’s wounds.

What is Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating, honoring mothers and motherhood.

When is Mother’s Day

The date varies from countries to countries. 2nd Sunday of May marks the celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States and some other countries of the world. In India too, it is observed on 2nd Sunday of May. This year 13th May 2018 is to be celebrated as Mother’s Day.

Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated on Second Sunday of May

Mother’s Day in modern time is traced to be first celebrated in 1908. It was when Anna Jarvis, held a memorial for her mother ( Ann Reeves Jarvis, a peace activist, who died in 1905. She cared for wounded soldiers during  American Civil War. Also to address public health issues she created Mother’s Day Work Clubs ) at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

Anna Jarvis campaigned to grant Mother’s Day a recognized holiday status to pay honor to all mothers.

U.S. Congress in 1908, rejected her proposal to grant Mother’s Day an official holiday status.

Finally, in 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day, and a national holiday to honor mothers.

Mother’s Day in India

Mother’s Day is slowly becoming popular in India too, no wonder we live in an era of globalization. Media is making people aware of the day’s existence. Indians pay great respect to their mothers, they believe in goddesses and call them Divine Maa. When it comes to celebrating a special day dedicated to their god on earth, their mother, they are no less.

Events are organized in different parts of the country. Special honors and lavish arrangements adorn the day. Mothers day gifts, cards, cakes, flowers, day out, booking tables for lunch and dinners; nothing possible is left to make the day special. The day is commercialized a lot, and you will find unique mothers day gifts and ideas online. Whenever you think of gifts for mom, surf internet, it is flooded with special offers popping up everywhere.

The day brings lots of surprises for mothers and end with a blissful celebration.

Happy Mother's Day,Mothers Day Quotes, Mother's Day Wishes

Now something to think on- Are you really valuing your mother?

Is celebrating ‘mother’s day’ enough? This one day of your attention, too many photographs to be uploaded to social media, will it suffice for her immense love and care?

She kept you warm in her arms, her eyes waited long, her heart ached when you fell down, her legs never shook longing for you to return, her hands were never tired cooking your favorite dishes, her ears never complained your yelling, her stomach never grumbled when she satisfied you hunger with her portion of meal. In the hustle and bustle of life, we often miss to notice her. Our ten minutes of quality talk would be enough for her, she would never ask more, and you would never regret. After all, mother’s love is something that money can’t buy.

As we are growing old, we are ignoring our parents. This one day of celebration will not give her the world, but your daily attention might change her world. Parents are forced to old age homes these days. In this modern society, it has become a trend that children work abroad, and parents live alone. The worst sufferers of present scenario are single mothers and widows. They even die with some old age home staffs attending their funeral. Being your disciplinarian to your friend, your mother shaped your future. Your money won’t give her happiness but a hug would. Ask her if she’s doing okay and see the twinkle in her eyes. Seeing her child care for her would bring a smile to her face. We don’t need a special day to celebrate love when we can do that every day.

She held your hand and lifted you up when you stumbled, now, it’s your turn to hold her and keep her from falling apart.

Accept her as she is

Thinking about the society, we often make her feel inferior by neglecting her in front of our high-class friends. Think about it… even when your performance was poor, she loved you, accepted you, then why can’t you accept her as she is?

Give her rest

Cook for her one day. Take her for lunch or dinner. Make her feel special. I know in this competitive world you don’t have time. It’s okay, take out only an hour and plan your day.

Create small moments of joy

In spite of yelling at her, laugh and giggle with her. These little moments of joy will keep her healthy.

Never compare her to anyone

If you consider yourself the best, then don’t forget she is the nurturer. A comparison will lessen her value and she might feel guilty of not being up to your standards. Never make her feel miserable.

Mother’s love is a form of pure unconditional love. Be with her in all her phases of life. Trust me you will never die of guilt for not loving your mother when she was alive.

She never complains. Taking her out for mother’s day celebration from ‘old age home’ would make no difference to her but bringing her back home this mother’s day would. This mother’s day don’t send her a card, instead, call and ask her how she is and if she wants to say something.

Why celebrate one day when every day could be a celebration?

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